Client Testimonials

Kitti Pordan

“I was only doing long cardio session for couple of months when I met Szilvia and asked her to help to change my body composition. She asked me very thoroughly about my lifestyle, eating habist and goals during our personal consultation.I had the impression that she is intelligent, caring and really knows her thing. With the online coaching option I chose, I was already seeing positive progress after two weeks and keep improving ever since with Szilvia's  help and guidance If I have any questions or doubts, she responds immediately. She really cares for her clients! Thank God I met her, I could not find a better coach.!"


Timea Peter

“I always wanted to train with a personal trainer and I'm so happy I met Szilvia! We have started to train together a month ago and since I have learnt how to eat and nourish my body on a healthy way. She also taught me how to use weights and do exercises correctly so I can shape my figure and change my body composition. So far I have lost five kilograms and look much better in the mirror. I will continue to work with Szilvia and will not give up until I reach my goal. I can only recommend her to everybody who want to live fitter, healthier and loose weight and bodyfat."


Monika Szeli 

“I'm so happy that I 've found Szilvia & Zsolt! They have designed for me such a good program. I have lost 18 kilograms already and it's not over yet. The change in my life and body composition is amazing. 

I did not have to starve myself at all, I love the nutrition plan, the foods are really varied, I can even eat pancake which is high in protein and I get new recipes every week, so I dodn't get bored of the foods.

 I remember at our first consultation Zsolt told me that Szilvia will do magic with me and it he proved to be right.

She is very high skilled, precise, caring, motivating, flexible and always available if I have any questions. She has a good sense of humour too. I really trust her. We train once a week and the sessions are very creative and enjoyable. She explains and demonstrates every exercise and of course coerrects me straight away if I'm doing something incorrectly.

  She has got a lot of patience for me and constatntly motivation and helpful. She continues to monitor my progress and changes my program on a weekly basis if it's required. "


Orsolya Reichardt


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